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AltBrain Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy. This goes to 11.

  1. We capture no user data for AltBrain use.
  2. That means we have no user data to share.
  3. We do not track your location for Altbrain use.
  4. That means we have no location to share.
  5. We may capture general device info such as OS version, screen size and device type to know better which hardware to target.
  6. We do not access Photos, Calendar or anything on your device.
  7. We show ads to help support our efforts.
  8. That means advertisers may track you to show targeted ads but we have no control over that and see none of that data.
  9. We may capture program crash data if the game crashes. That’s it.
  10. Connecting with Facebook is completely optional and is required so we can assign a randon unique tokens used to distinguish users who upload custom designed Board Sets to our server and then for other users to download.
  11. We capture no Facebook user data. That means no Likes, Comments, photos, cat videos or anyhing else.

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