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Xtreme Breaker: Online Documentation

Thanks for playing Xtreme Breaker for iOS!

Here’s all you need to know to play so let’s get started.

Controlling the Paddle:

      1. Swipe anywhere on the screen to move the paddle left and right.
      2. You can adjust the touch sensitivity in the Options menu on the Main Title Screen or in the Pause menu during the game.
      3. Swipe with two or three fingers to move the paddle at double or triple speed!

Aiming The Ball:

Yes!  You can aim the ball directing it to where you want to go to maximize your board time and score!  The ball will travel at lower angles when bounced off the edge of the paddle and more vertical when bounced off the center of the paddle.  With practice, you can have total control of the ball and clear the boards faster and achieve higher scores and bonuses.

Scoring System:

Below are the points you can earn during play.  Later in the game you may obtain power-ups which will allow you to achieve higher scores.

  • 10 points:Each brick destroyed by the ball
  • 5 points:Each brick destroyed by bombs
  • 5 points:Each brick destroyed by guns
  • 3 points: Each brick destroyed by missiles
  • 10 points:Each Token captured
  • 1 point:Each Star captured
  • No points are given for Indestructible Bricks.

Direct Hit Bonuses:

Extra points are awarded when hitting a brick with the ball directly off the paddle.  In other words, if the ball hits a brick immediately after bouncing off a paddle, extra points are earned.  In addition, the further away the brick is when you have a direct hit, the higher the bonus.

Ball Score Modifier:

Some Tokens have a Ball Score Modifier which will award extra or minus points when bricks are destroyed with the ball.  The current value of the Ball Score Modifier will appear on the bottom right of the game screen just to the left of the Score.  Ball Score Modifiers are cumulative.  For example, if you pick of 3 Ball Fast Tokens, each with a ball score modifier of +1, your total modifier value will be +3 which will be added to the base point of 10 given when each brick is destroyed. Likewise, a negative Ball Score Modifier will subtract from the base point of 10 for each brick destroyed by the ball.

You can never earn less than 1 point per brick. There is no limit to the max points you can earn per brick.

The Ball Score Modifier is reset when you lose a ball or when a new board starts.

End Level Bonuses:

At each Level End, the stats are displayed and Level Bonuses are computed and added to your final score:

  • Board Score:All the points you earned during level play for destroying bricks, capturing tokens and stars and includes all ball score modifiers and Direct Hit bonuses.
  • Board Time:The total time, in minutes and seconds, that the board was cleared.
  • Score/Second:The computed Score Per Second base on the Board Score and Board Time. This value is multiplied by 100 to award a Time Bonus.
  • Direct Hit Streak:The longest unbroken chain of Direct Hits. This value is multiplied by 100 to award a Direct Hit Bonus.
  • Total Bonus:The Total Score Bonus earned for the current level.
  • Board Total:Grand Board Score Total. This is the Board Score plus the Time Bonus and the Direct Hit Bonus.
  • Total Score:The total cumulative score of all boards played in the current play session.

We love feedback! Give us your questions, comments and suggestions below. We’re constantly working to make the game better!

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